Thursday, December 28, 2006

Defrag Windows XP in Safe Mode

Even when something is old news to everyone else, it is still new news to the person that hasn't yet heard it. This is what happened to me regarding defragging you hard drive while running in safe mode under Windows. Defragging your hard drive in safe mode gives better results that defragging under a normal Windows session.

To defrag your Windows machine follow the easy steps:

1) Reboot your machine. When the Windows logo is diplayed press F8 to get the boot options. Select "Safe Mode"

2) Once you are booted into "Safe Mode", go to the Start Menu and select Run. In the Run text box type "cmd" and hit enter.

3) From the command window type the command "defrag c: -v" (without the quotes) to defrag your c: drive. You can also type "defrag c: -a -v" to analyze your hard drive with actually performing the defrag operation.

Easy and seems to work well.

Defragging is so easy that the AARP posted an article so that even Grandma can perform the operation (


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